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The past 20 years saw Ukraine actively developing in different areas – from gaining independence and joining international organizations to considerable achievements in world’s culture and sport. Ukrainians displayed to other countries their ability to achieve peaceful settlements in hot national issues and to treat close and distant neighbors in a friendly manner. New-born Ukraine has grown into a young and promising country.

However, the current economic and social trends dictate the need to upgrade the country’s economy and tailor it to the best international experience in country management. There is a strong need to establish consolidated ideology for Ukraine’s development, to carry out effective reforms, to focus on boosting the scientific and innovation processes, to improve the quality of life and the national togetherness of the Ukrainians, as well as to enhance the Ukraine’s position on the global arena.

A significant role in the country’s modernization should be played by non-governmental organizations bringing together professionals who believe in Ukraine’s future and strive to do their best for the good of Ukraine. To facilitate the accomplishment of the above missions an initiative group under my guidance set up a non-governmental organization “Perspective Ukraine” Foundation.

The scope of the Foundation’s activities (for more details on each activity please see the “About the Foundation” section):

1. Discussing and working out the consolidated ideology of Ukraine’s development.

2. Improving Ukraine’s investment image (starting up the project “Ukrainian Business Forum” and facilitating collaboration in the international investment).

3. Boosting the development of Ukraine’s international political and economic relations.

4. Popularizing and propagating Ukraine’s cultural and scientific achievements.

5. Pursuing charity work and other sociable activity.

Therefore, I would like to invite to cooperation with “Perspective Ukraine” Foundation everyone who is interested in the development of our country - both, Ukrainians and international supporters of Ukraine.

With best wishes,


The First President of Ukraine
Honorary President, "Perspective Ukraine" Foundation